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weather in the BODRUM/GÜLLÜK area         the weather in dutch

From june until september you can be reasonably sure of a cloudless, blue sky and a nice warm temperature of water and air. The wind during the summer is the MELTEM, a fresh sea-breeze from NW. Outside at sea from the N and in the bays turning W. In spring and autumn there is less wind, blowing from different directions. In the winter the wind changes every 4,  5 days from the LODOS from the S (a warm wind, normally with some rain) and the POYRAZ from the N NE (a cold wind with dry weather) and then there can be a couple of severe storms from the south.

MELTEM The MELTEM in turkish or MELTEMI in greek, blows from the N of the AEGEAN SEA and turns W and E where it meets no more resistance from the land, on reaching the MEDITERRANEAN.

The wind in the Güllük/Bodrum area in the summer blows usually as follows:
- in the morning quiet until 11:00
- then increasing until 16:00 (from 2 - 5 bf)
- afterwards decreasing until sundown
- at night no wind or
  fallwinds from the mountains
  (the higher the mountain the more wind).

WINDS     N   = kuzey (YILDIZ = poolstar)
NE =     (POYRAZ)
E   = dogu (GÜNDOGUSU = rising sun)
S   = güney (KIBLE = towards Mecca)
SW =     (LODOS)
W = bati (IMBAT & GÜNBATISI = setting sun)

Windless days are rare in the area between Güllük and BOZBURUN.
In the summer, there is less wind in the vicinity of MARMARIS and GÖCEK; between FETHIYE and ANTALYA there is often no wind at all.
Where the waves can take a long run, they can swell considerably. Famous therefore are the capes of the peninsula of BODRUM (near YALIKAVAK and KARGI island) and DATÇA (near KNIDOS).
The seawater remains warm until late in the year, even in december it is still good for a swim.

To get a good weatherforcast for this area is not so easy, because the wind direction and strength are influanced by local circumstances, at this point where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet.
Through channel 16 on your VHF. at 9:00 12:00 15:00 and 20:00 a forecast is given in english and turkish.

  weather nymphe in BODRUM On the internet more weather forecasts for our environment can be found at these links: